A note from Renee:

For the past few months, I have taken time to reflect on the last election and how I can best be of service to our community.

I have thought about the conversations I had with concerned citizens on the campaign trail, from Karns to Dandridge to Jellico.

I have thought about the hopes, dreams, and fears shared by our neighbors and friends, like one fellow I met in Parkridge who started a GoFundMe to pay for his new child’s health care bills.

I’ve also been able to watch what goes on in Washington and how the hopes and dreams of our neighbors are being supported by our current Congressman.

Last year, I ran on a platform of affordable and accessible health care, raising the minimum wage, and protecting public education and the environment.

Since then, our health care is still neither affordable nor accessible to most, legislation increasing the minimum wage have not gotten past introduction, our Department of Education is being defunded at an alarming rate, and this Administration continues to dismiss scientific evidence of a changing climate – all while lining the pockets of their friends with money and power. We can do better than this.

Congress still isn’t working. That’s why I am excited to tell you first: I am running again for Tennessee’s Second Congressional District in 2020.

Our district is changing.

During the last election, TN-02 moved more towards the Democratic party than all but seventeen other Congressional districts in the country. With your help, we were able to achieve record vote totals in both the primary and in the general election.

We cannot lose the momentum we have started.

Your donation will go a long way in helping us continue fighting for the issues that matter most to our district.

My goal is to raise over $1,000,000, and once again, my campaign will not be funded by corporations or special interests.

Will you help me today?

There are two ways to give.

1. You can give online by clicking here.
2. You may also send a check to Hoyos for Congress, P.O. Box 2021, Knoxville, TN 37901.

Thanks so much. See you on the campaign trail!


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